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Once you have pur­chased a course, it will be avail­able to you under the “My Courses” menu item. You are then “enrolled” for this course, just like at a university.

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Course overview

You can see your per­cent­age progress when you last worked on the course and a but­ton to con­tin­ue. The plat­form remem­bers the posi­tion you last worked on and takes you direct­ly there again. You can reset the course progress and start again from the begin­ning. This allows you to refresh the learn­ing mate­r­i­al smoothly.


Average dura­tion of the course


Course progress


Indicates when you last stud­ied in this course.

Here you find your per­son­al favorites in the select­ed course.


In this sec­tion, you will find gen­er­al infor­ma­tion about the course, the includ­ed mate­r­i­al and instruc­tions for learning.


Use this but­ton to jump to the last posi­tion in the course you were work­ing on.


Caution. The red but­ton resets your progress in the course. 

Course content

In the course con­tent, you will see the large head­ings and the lessons divid­ed into indi­vid­ual top­ics. You can see the top­ics by click­ing on the “Expand” but­ton. You can now click on a les­son or top­ic to get to the select­ed con­tent.
As a rule, you can move freely through the course, so you do not have to fol­low the pre­set order. This way, you will quick­ly get to the point that inter­ests you. 


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