Private sessions

Private ses­sions allow you to inter­act direct­ly with our train­ers. You can ask ques­tions about the learn­ing mate­r­i­al, and we will address your ques­tions. You can also get help with assess­ing mea­sure­ments or troubleshooting.

Private ses­sions work as a tick­et sys­tem. You write a mes­sage about a top­ic and get the answer from our train­ers. You can send as well as receive files.

In the upper part of the page, you can see the top­ics you have already been in exchange with us. You can open the mes­sages and con­tin­ue the subject.

In the low­er area, you can start a new con­ver­sa­tion. Please use this func­tion if you have any ques­tions about a new top­ic. Please assign a mean­ing­ful top­ic so the whole thing remains clear.

For a Private Session, you need option­al access, which you can pur­chase in the store. You can reach the Private Sessions via the main menu.