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CANtouch Bootcamp EN

CANtouch Bootcamp

This course will get you to know CANtouch on a new lev­el. You will be able to mea­sure more effec­tive­ly and search for errors more struc­tured way.

You can reset the learn­ing progress and start over.

We rec­om­mend that you direct­ly repro­duce the process­es shown your­self for max­i­mum learn­ing effect.
For this, it is good; you have a CANtouch and a CAN bus to mea­sure. You could install the CAN-Bus Tester 2 soft­ware on your PC.
The course contains

  • 12 lessons
  • 33 top­ics
  • 0 videos (videos are cre­at­ed at the moment)
  • 131 graph­ics

You will receive a cer­tifi­cate in your name upon completion.